8-inch Kitchen Octopus Dumpling Machine-Plug and Play

Item Weight 1000 Grams




  • The product does not need other stoves to assist, can be used directly by plugging in, non-stick pan, light oily smoke, enjoy the fun of cooking every time.
  • The product is intelligent temperature control, which can automatically adjust the temperature. After the temperature rises to a certain level, it will maintain a constant temperature for frying, intelligent over-temperature power-off, and high safety factor.
  • Gathered energy and quick baking, three-dimensional heat conduction, 800W high-power high-purity copper core heating tube, long-lasting, stable and uniform heat effect.
  • The product is made of non-stick pan material and easy to clean. It can be cleaned with one wipe, and the cleaning is easy and not time-consuming.
  • The pot body is small, round shape, easy to store, and does not take up space. There is a heat insulation baffle at the bottom to protect the desktop. Fireproof and high temperature resistant shell, heat insulation and scalding easy to clean.


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